21-11-2006: Devolution Security System project revived by new developer, bug fixes and new releases planned very soon!!!!
07-08-2005: Devolution Security System 3.0.4 released.
04-08-2005: Devolution Security System 3.0.2 released.
02-08-2005: Devolution Security System 3.0.1b released. Download from sourceforge.
16-07-2005: Devolution Security System 3.0.0 first public release at sourceforge

Devolution Security is a video surveillance system for the Linux/X11 platform.
  • Up to 16 cameras
  • Motion detection
  • Record on motion detection
  • Record up to 25 fps mpeg4 video
  • Multicast live streams to local network
  • Unicast to internet IP address
  • Very configurable
  • Themeable X11 interface
  • Configurable helper buttons
  • Web based interface
To download the latest release, please visit the project summary page here
  • download all requirements
  • configure, build and install libtemplate and libcgi
  • configure, build and install the Devolution Toolkit
  • configure, build and install devsec.
There are known bugs and limitations
  • Some paths are hard coded to a prefix of /usr in web_interfaceone path (/streams) to in main app
  • Devsec needs write permission on a directory called /streams
  • There are unknown bugs
I can be contact at berlinerkindl<AT>s0urc3F0rg3<D0T>c0m
  • p3r - for the original development work, good luck to you wherever you are!
  • John de Pillis - For allowing the use of "Farber" as the mascot/logo
  • Mpeg4ip tools of which Devolution Security uses heavily
  • Sourceforge for the hosting
  • Anyone who has downloaded this and found it useful Logo